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About Us

Cortes Fine Silver is a family-owned and operated company based in San Antonio, Texas. We have been selling high-quality and unique jewelry throughout Texas for over 20 years. We began by selling silver jewelry from Mexico and over the years expanded our selection to include silver and gold-plated jewelry from all over the world.Β 

MarthaΒ CortΓ©s


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What we do

Β Jewelry Handmade With Love

Cortes Fine Silver curates collections of handmade silver and other pieces from a variety of countries. We pick each piece based on the beauty, uniqueness and quality of each item. We purchase handmade, custom pieces from places like Thailand, Bali, Mexico, and Poland to create a truly unique buying experience for our customers. Many pieces are customized to ensure we get the silver, stones, and accents that are chic, modern, and timeless. Contact us for more information on the pieces that we select and the custom-jewelry buying process.Β 

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